wireless controller (what are they?)

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Can someone kindly tell me what is a wireless controller? I am going through the ccent 100-105 topics and don't really know what this is. Is it like a home wi-fi router?

Please help.

Thanks in advance!




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    It centralizes control and monitoring of the access points in an enterprise. When you have your home APs, it's not too hard to configure or monitor 1 or 2 but when you get to larger enterprise scale where you might have hundreds or thousands of access points, could you imagine trying to change the settings or add SSIDs if they were all managed on their own? That's where a wireless controller comes it. It gives you the ability to standardize configurations, troubleshoot, update images, etc from a central point.
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    Basically, it goes and extends a wireless network SSID so you don't drop connections when moving from place to place. It just provides more redundancy/overlap and coverage for wireless connections.
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