For automation when it comes to push an image, what is used more-python or Jenkins?

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This question is for automation gurus.

Fair warning: It is a silly question and I will delete as soon as I get some replies.

I have about 5 server/router that I need to upload the images. The steps are very simple. Check if the image is already present: if older then remove it and install a new one. In no image the download some of the packages and then install then install build.I was thinking of using python/pexpect to write and upload the image, but my co-worker suggests that I should use Jenkins.

What is industry practices or easier? I do not plan to become a Jenkins expert but wants to learn more of python.


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    When it comes to automation I'm always for using a defined framework if possible over writing custom scripts. If you write some custom script and get hit by a bus tomorrow someone else might not be able to maintain it. Something you can google solutions to or has available documentation is always a plus.

    I don't think is is specifically a Jenkins type job though, maybe more something Ansible, Puppet, etc. would be appropriate for.
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