Failed 70-412 with 680 first time - Work Folders??

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Today I failed 70-412 with a score of 680, was very close. I felt good during the exam I knew my weak points (AD-FS and AD-RMS, CA) but the exam shoot me like 2 or 3 questions related to Work Folders.....I was surprised, I wasn't 100% sure if WorkFolders were or not in the BluePrint when I was doing the exam, I am reviewing my 70-412 blue print now and I cannot find anything related to that topic or where WorkFolders should fit in. I remember they were included on the 70-410. I did that exam on April so the contents should be relatively fresh, but I think there is a good chance I responded incorrectly to those questions. I would like to read your opinions. Is there a chance to contact Microsoft to "appeal" the result?


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    Microsoft only uphold appeals if the question is wrong or incorrectly designed. The bit they will throw back at you is on the blueprint page at:
    Please note that the questions may test on, but will not be limited to, the topics described in the bulleted text.
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    Ok, so I will focus on Identity & Access && AD infra and give it another shot.

    Thank you for your advice.
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    Work Folders is a valid topic for the exam. If you review the exam guide and any of the official course material, Work Folders shows up again.

    The 412 is a challenge because it covers so much seemingly random content. I recommend reviewing the content from the 410 and 411 (don't spend too long) and then diving into a few of your weak areas because the 412 does go back to some stuff you saw on those two tests.
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    I was that close the first time I took 412. I wound up with several Azure Backup questions that I was unprepared for. I agree with the comment about the 412 expecting deeper knowledge of random content. Much of which, highly experienced admins do not and never have used in the field.

    For Work Folders, ADRMS, etc. I labbed it up... two separate, untrusted forests, a standalone client to use as a "home" computer, and followed guides to get it all working. For Azure Backup, I signed up for a Azure trial and set it up. I passed the second time.
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    Well I passed the 70-412 today after the fist failure, I wipe out my lab and rebuild everything from the scratch. Re-watched Pluralsight videos and re-read the exam ref again and also re-created my study guide from zero. Still did not saw anything related to work folders on those materials, but I did not get anything about it in this second shot. Thank you for your advice and support.
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    Well done! Got my next server exam in January, seems very tough. Hope I pass it first time.

    Whats next for you?
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    Well, I'll be attending a VMware vSAN class in December, and must take the vSAN exam after that, it is not a certification per se, VMware call it batch or something.
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