Why do IT salespeople insist on talking on the phone?

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Quite often when I can't buy something online in the traditional way (add to cart, type in credit card, etc), I'll have to email a vendor. For some reason, they don't want to give quotes via email and insist that I call them. I feel like they're stuck in the 1980's or something.


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    ITHokieITHokie Member Posts: 158 ■■■■□□□□□□
    We're all stuck dealing with the wake created by people that can be manipulated by whispering sweet nothings into their ear. Sales people know that a decent enough chunk of people will buy more stuff if they can get some phone time. Ever wondered why cold calls and telemarketing are still a thing?

    Make them play by your rules.
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    UncleBUncleB Member Posts: 417
    For some reason, they don't want to give quotes via email and insist that I call them.

    It is because on the phone they can hear your tone, your interest and adapt their pitch for best effect - using their skills of manipulating peoples perceptions to make the sale. Email etc is impersonal and cold and terrible for making a sale - epecially if it isn't something you want to buy.

    With this technique they can also persuade you to consider a warranty and other extras you never planned on buying in the first place.

    It is how these people make their living - accept it, learn how to say no and the world is a happy place once more.
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    If a salesperson is going to make me waste time on the phone, then I want a free lunch in return.
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    IristheangelIristheangel Mod Posts: 4,133 Mod
    Or sometimes it can be to prevent you from shooting yourself in the foot by using oversized or undersized equipment or in a way that is against best practice (i.e. " Oh gee this ASA 5505 has a gig port and the newest code supports BGP. I'm going to use this as my edge router and connect it to my gig circuit" <- this stuff happens a TON).
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    thomas_thomas_ Member Posts: 1,012 ■■■■■■■■□□
    I’m leaning towards so they can convince you to say yes when you’ve decided to say no.
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