Taking MY Network+ exam nextweek!!!

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Hey everyone, Im taking my first cert test and really dont have any idea what its gonna be like (Network+). Im having the biggest test anxiety. Is there anything anyone can offer to help me be a little more at ease. ALso is there any good test questions to study to help me cram???? Well wish me luck guys... I hope Im standin right beside you guys after next week!!!


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    Hey, i'm taking mine this weekend, I know how you feel. I have taken the A+ and the HP Desktop, Laptop, and Workstation tests (I'm only in 11th grade too), and the tests in general are pretty straight forward. I am pretty nervous whenever I take one of these tests, but I have found some things that help. Just breathe easy and read each question carefully, and know that whatever happens happens icon_lol.gif If you fail (which I'm sure you won't) you can always step back and try it agian.

    While I have been studying for this i have found that www.free-tests.com helps a lot, this site, and pass it now (won't let me type the site for some reason) is really good too. You can always google network+ practice too.

    Good luck!!!
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    jpeezy55jpeezy55 Member Posts: 255
    My advice: Breathe and relax. Remember that you have plenty of time for the exams, so if you do not know something, check the "Mark for review" button and come back to it later. I've usually finished my exams and have been able to go back through each question again (but don't change any answers!!!) and still have time left. Also, if you are doing well on practice tests, then the real tests are usually not far off. In fact, I found that some practice tests have more questions and require a higher score than the actual exam.

    The nice thing about Network+ (from what I've read so far) is that it is all multiple-choice. There are no sims or drag-n-drops or anything - if anyone knows that I am wrong here, please tell us! - and that makes it a little easier (in my mind). I took and failed CCNA and that one had some tougher sims on it as did 70-291. I am working toward Net+ right now and then I'll get back on my track to pass 70-291 to get my MCSA.

    Anyway, you will feel nervous no matter what you do, just make sure you have been doing 85%-90% or better on the practice exams (free ones, Transcender, etc.)...I usually buy 1 book that has a CD in it just for the practice exams.

    Good luck! And let us know how it goes (good or bad). I know you'll do fine on it! :D
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    rbowmanrbowman Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Yes Im in the same boat and this advice helps me alot! Any more advice you guys can give me to help?

    EDIT: Passed with 715/900 and there are no drag and drops or sims for the test; just 85 multiple choice questions. An interesting note though...on the screen where you read about the test it says that some of the questions dont count at all. I forgot why it said that CompTIA does this but it still seems weird.
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