Failed 271 with Score of 677

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As topic says i failed by that score, can somebody estimate how many questions i needed more to pass? IMO i was really close to passing, i just got the worst of the draw, all questions that were tough for me, anyhow i bought a MCDST study guide from Sybex, i dunno how helpful that will be. The exam seemed to cover a lot more hardware then i was expecting, kinda got be off guard. Anyhow thats just my 271 experience...


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    You passed 270, but not 271. Thats a bummer. What did you score on 270? That is my next test.

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    Sounds like you just needed 2 more correct answers to pass.
    Passed the : 70-228 / 70-229 / 70-270 / 70-271 / 70-272 / 70-284 / 70-290 / 70-291
    Next to do : 70-350 / 70-293 / 70-299 / 70-294 / 70-297 / 70-285 / 70-298
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    I'm surpised that you didn't pass since you have your MCP from 70-270.

    Best of luck to you on your next attempt.
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    And not to mention i got screwed over on the 271 exam with 5 Active Screen questions!! Got a bad draw of questions i guessing, hopefully i'll pass next week, with better luck! Those were like taking 5 bullets in the stomach... could select multiple options and check boxes, plus pressure, does not equal good for me..
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    It should be understood that 270 and 271 cover different objectives (although there is SOME overlap). Passing 270 in no way equals an automatic pass for 271 or 272. For one, MCDST is designed to be a standalone cert for desktop support. 270 is not, it's designed to show comptency on the client level as part of the MCSA/MCSE track. 271 and 272 are geared towards you helping callers, walking them through issues, and day to day support tasks. 270 objectives look more like this.....

    Monitoring and Optimizing System Performance and Reliability
    Monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot performance of the Windows XP Professional desktop.
    Optimize and troubleshoot memory performance.
    Optimize and troubleshoot processor utilization.
    Optimize and troubleshoot disk performance.
    Optimize and troubleshoot application performance.
    Configure, manage, and troubleshoot Scheduled Tasks.

    While the 271 objective lists often starts with "answer end user questions about...." For example....

    Answer end-user questions related to configuring hard disks and partitions or volumes.
    Manage and troubleshoot disk partitioning.
    Answer end-user questions related to optical drives such as CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD, and DVD-R.
    Configure and troubleshoot removable storage devices such as pen drives, flash drives, and memory cards.

    And you also have to deal with little pesky things like configuring desktop settings or "answering user questions about desktop settings".

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    Well said Keatron.


    Sounds like you only needed a few more correct answers to pass. Use the text you purchased to read up on your weak areas and you will pass next time. At least you got the 2nd shot icon_wink.gif

    Best of luck on your next attempt!
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    I'm going to take the 70-271 exam again tomorrow, after studying for approx 2 weeks, reading the sybex study guide, answering questions, doing excerises, and doing flashcards that come with C.D, wish me luck guys, i hope i pass this time, funny thing is i studied more second time for this exam, when i failed 270 exam first time by score 677, i didnt study any more, and i passed it, but i'm guessing now that i perfected my areas, i should have no problem passing tomorrow, anyways i'll let you guys have good news tomorrow :D
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