CISSP Second attempt - Prep Strategy

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I am planning for my second attempt at the CISSP exam. First attempt failed with a 668 in October 2016 after studying for 8 months.I changed my job immediately after my failed attempt and I was working hard/getting used to my new job/new location.
So I could not retake the exam sooner.I feel I still retain around 75% of the exam content.(This is based on practice exams for the first 5 domains I did from the SYBEX official pratice tests book)

For my 1st attempt:
Resources used were: AIO 6th edition, Sybex, cybrary and CCCure, Eric Conrad (selected portions only).

What should be my study strategy for the second attempt which is scheduled in Mid february 2018 ? I dont want to read the entire book SYBEX, AIO again. I am planning to take the MGT 414 course from SANS although it is expensive.But sometimes I wonder if I can use $6210 for some other SANS Cert like SEC560. - Penetration testing

In summary - I want to finish of this exam as soon as possible and move to the OSCP.I do not want to sit and go through the SYBEX (which is pretty dry) or AIO again.

What should be my approach ?? Kindly advise.,


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    You should be aiming for 80%+ consistently on practice exams. I think you have done enough reading. Really focus on your approach to the exam itself and get in the right frame of mind (manager).
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