ISC2 Website states content changing in April of 2018...

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I was attempting to locate the ISC2 CISSP candidate information bulletin and Google threw this link:

The link is to a "CEO" for 2015 exam (not sure if this is same as candidate information bulletin) - but regardless...

At bottom of page was this notation:

Please Note: Beginning in April 2018, the CISSP exam will be based on a new exam outline. In advance of the new exam outline being available, the Detailed Content Outline (DCO) is currently available. The DCO is a less detailed version of the exam outline, but will give you an overview. Please download the CISSP DCO if you would like more information.

I've heard the rumors about CAT - but this is the first I've heard about the actual exam content changing?

Thanks for any input,



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    Exam blueprints change...the last one was around 2015...went from 10 domains down to 8 and I believe added/removed some material. It’s not that big of a deal...if you were studying material from 2004 then of course it’s a big deal. Even CAT isn’t that big of a deal from a test taking can’t really tell if the questions are getting harder or easier, it’s all background adjustments...the only real difference is questions are based on how you answer previous questions so more than likely they won’t let you go back, but if you take any Cisco/GIAC exams that shouldn’t be a could technically fail earlier too but maybe then they won’t make you take the full test and waste 6 hours if you don’t know the material.
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