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Hi today i recently went out and bought the mike meyers all in one a+ book i plan on reading it all and studying but i was wondering what are some tips for studying and what are the main things that i need to know because should i be going through the book trying to remember every little thing or reading it and remembering the things like processors and all that stuff its hard to explain but i hope someone knows what im saying

p.s. i have been searching on the site for tips and stuff but just wanna see what people will say

any tips or help would greatly be appreciated :)


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    First, welcome to the site!

    Second, if you haven't already downloaded a copy of the exam objectives from CompTIA do that.

    Third, the exam is geared toward a person with around 500 hours of hands-on experience (not a board swapper, ram upgrade person, but diagonstic experience).

    So gain as much hands-on that you can if you are not already working in the field.
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