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My situation is that I am in a mcsa course right now and I have noticed
if you don't have any experience its hard to get your foot in the door at a
company. i have alot of time on my hands since i am unemployed. [ going to school on a TRA grant. Im a big time career changer going from painting
aluminum wheels at a factory to the IT world. Is there any volunteer work out there to achieve the experience i need? Any suggestions appreciated.


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    Try the usual - churches, private schools, get involved in a local computer club, and use any resourses the school you are attending has available (many will help you with designing your resume and working with local employers that need help). Whatever, I wish you the best.

    I was a journeyman electrician for 12 years before switching to the IT industry. I took an MSCE course (NT 4 at the time) after deciding to switch careers and with the above advice I just gave you I was able to land a great job about a month or two after graduating. I was promoted several times within the company over the past few years and am still with that original company. I went from Help Desk level 1, to Support level 2, to Team Leader and POC for a large Emergency Operations Center, and finally to my current position as Sr LAN Administrator. It's been a great ride, and I am living proof you can do it too.
    All things are possible, only believe.
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