Companies that you would like to work for- do you follow?

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Simple question, how do people here approach this. For the companies that you would like to work for do you actively keep tabs and follow them in social media or you only look at them when you start considering your next move?

For example, I just saw a job positing from this well known company that I had never considered working for but now that i saw the posting and the fact that they match 401k 75% I immediately followed them, perhaps in the future they will have a role that aligns with my future career.

So do you keep tabs or you just go wing it. I think for my next role I will target specific companies I follow instead of leaving it to chance and the recruiters available roles.


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    I follow several companies on various social media sites. Since I look at my career as a complex chess game, the social media and job postings that those companies provide help me to develop my overall career strategy. As with any good strategy, I realize that it should evolve over time. To that end, I use the company posts and job requisitions to help me refine my shorter term self-development goals (think training and certifications) and my mid-term career development goals (think experience). Since I am not focused on just one company, I can get a better feel for where the industry is going and develop a better road map from the information (if only one company is looking for a certification or training, I will put that at the bottom of the list, if most are looking for certain experience, I place that at the top of the list, so on and so forth).

    The end goal, of course, is to develop myself in such a way that I provide value to my current company and place myself in a better position when it becomes time to move on to another company. Once that time comes, I will likely target some, or all, of the companies that I follow on social media. Only time will tell if it will work or not.
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    Best bet always is to network & get to know people from that company, if possible. Maybe at a trade show or other event like a Meetup group or education opportunity where people gather.
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    Yes. Find out who their recruiters are too, especially if you have applied to a job opening.
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    I wouldn't say I follow them, but I have a interest in a few major players in my area and have to keeping an eye on there postings. I'm not quite ready to start looking for another job yet, but when I do, they will be the first ones I check and apply to.
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    LinkedIn jobs, if I see a job I’m somewhat interested in I’ll look at the profile of the person who posted the job and a link lot of times they’ll reach out and contact me.
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    I keep an eye on their job posting for the positions/team I'm interested to join, and I make sure I plan to gain those skills in the long run

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