What would be some good certs to go along with my Computer Information Systems Degree

I want to be a Network or System Administrator or Network Engineer. I am thinking about starting with the Comptia A+/Net+/Sec+ since this CIS program is a CompTia authorized academy.. Then after a few months or atleast 1.5 years of working in entry level positions, Ill go for Cisco certs.
Im going to join the AITP during my junior year too and hopefully do work study with I.T guys on campus.
Here is the CIS curriculum:


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    The 3 CompTIA certs that you listed would be the ideal certs to have when graduating. Take it from a guy who got a bachelors in information technology and came out of school with 0 certs lol Those 3 should help you tremedously when applying for entry-level jobs.
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    Did you have any luck with jobs upon graduating?
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    It took me a year to land my first IT job because my program was more management based and I failed a technical interview miserably. Things have definitely worked out in my favor now but I had to put in a ton of hard work and studying to climb up to where im at now.
    I'm not allowed to say what my previous occupation was, but let's just say it rhymes with architect.
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    Highly recommend the CompTIA trio - a great starting point for many different possible future paths
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    CompTIA is a great starting point sure, but A+ is probably the only cert needed for entry level tech support. I would probably go for CCENT right after A+
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    CompTIA is a great place to start!! :)

    The CCNA would be great after the trio
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    Skip the CCENT for the CCNA or you will essentially just have to relive the CCENT over again. The CCENT is heavily focused on sub-netting and little else. Why pay for the same test twice and skip much of the redundancy?

    Outside of the the CompTIA+ trifecta should serve you well as long as you learn the material itself and can (*gasp!*) apply said knowledge to your first real position after graduation. Why do I/we say things like this? Because many of us who interview see the same problems over and over again: Lots of opinion and little practical experience or ability. You can get by with one or another but not both. Its the kiss of death for IT interviewers.

    As always good luck, keep us posted and most importantly as questions.

    - b/eads
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    Pay for the same test twice?? Does that mean if someone takes 2 exam(s) route for CCNA will end up paying double than those who takes one exam option?
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    Cisco :: Voucher prices & order forms :: Pearson VUE

    Looks like taking the CCNA in 2 parts = 165 each, so $330, taking it as one combined exam is $325.
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    I'd start applying for entry level jobs now. It will take some time to get your first. Getting the 1.5 years of underpaid tech support out of the way while your still taking classes will set you up for a decent job by graduation, even if only part time.
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