Passed on 11/11 first attempt

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Hey all!

I have been using this as a resource and wanted to give back after using it to help guide my studying. I studied on and off for the past year and a half. I started a new job earlier this year and that took a lot of my spare time. When I began I went through the CBTnugget series by Keith Barker and took notes. Most recently I went through the Cybrary series by Kelly Handerhan without taking notes which helped fill in some gaps. I had a copy of the Sybex book but didn't end up using it I thought it would be a good reference material. I used the free Sybex app for practice test questions and also went through both of the Eric Conrad practice tests (full 250 questions each) they were all good resources from me and I believe it helped to fill in my knowledge gaps buy using multiple resources. Thank you to everyone who posted their experience and has shared in the forums.


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