The Girl Scouts are adding a cybersecurity badge

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[h=2]Alongside cooking and camping, Girl Scouts will soon be able to earn a cybersecurity badge.[/h] The organization announced this week the first of 18 new badges debuting in the fall of 2018. The Girl Scouts of the USA, founded in 1912, have long received badges when they master certain topics or skills.

The cybersecurity badge will launch in partnership with security firm Palo Alto Networks. The new badges will become available to participants in kindergarten through 12th grade over the next two years.
Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo said the organization surveyed its members to learn which skills they wanted to acquire. The findings showed a strong desire for technical education.
"What we were really pleasantly surprised about is they wanted more computer science, specifically cybersecurity," Acevedo told CNN Tech.
The Girl Scout cyber-education programs will be designed to encourage girls to pursue a career in the field.

More at: The Girl Scouts are adding a cybersecurity badge - Jun. 16, 2017

Does anybody have any advice on what to study to get this cert? Should I get the CBK or the Sybex book? Is it in your certification goals for 2017 or are you waiting till 2018?


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    Expect it to be brought up in your next interview and if you brain **** it they'll know!

    Really though, it's great, I know a GS leader and she already asked me to talk to her troop about computer safety and such. I think it's a good idea to try to cement in their heads basic security and internet safety principles.
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