Passed Switch to renew my CCNP

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Found the new V2 exam a lot more challenging then the first time I took the switch exam 3 years ago. The Simlets are just awful and should be replaced with labs. The wording of the questions seem to be written from someone who's English is not their primary language. I found myself having to read the answers first then read the question to decipher what the question was really asking for. I really feel like Cisco is forcing you to spend money on the Boson exam prep and gone are the days where you can pick up the OCG, study for 2 months and pass the exam. Luckily my company allows me to expense the exam because it sure adds up quickly. I'm finding that older I get in my career the harder it is to divert time to studying and I'm more distracted then before. Now That I have been in tis career field for 8 years I feel the knowledge from Cisco Certification is maybe 5-8% of what you need to know to really do the job. I really feel like the majority of my knowledge came from doing desktop support for a few years then transition over to a dedicated networking role. Being able to see the big picture and manage the network from end to end is the better core skills to have. Here's to another 3 years of being an NP!
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