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Hi everyone, wanted the community's thoughts on this.

How detailed do you guys keep your LinkedIn terms of job history, specifically on your roles at your jobs both past and present? Do you guys feel its overkill to list your responsibilities or do you merely list your company and title?

I'm asking because I view lots of profiles on LinkedIn to get direction and the majority of the outstanding ones (at least in my eyes) don't seem to do that.

What do you guys think?
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    As vague as possible, though mostly for privacy concerns. I work in infosec and part of my current job role is to occasionally perform social media reconnaissance on a company and its employees. Detailed responsibility lists have great potential for discovering technologies in use at the company. I consider my Linkedin profile kind of a teaser to get those interested in hiring me to send me a message. Detailed descriptions are for actual resumes and interviews.

    I really hope Microsoft leaves Linkedin mostly alone. I think probably they will instead ruin it in their attempt to integrate it into an "Office 365 for Xbox Live Gold powered by Bing" account or whatever trendy product name the MSFT marketing committee decided was a good one.

    Judging from how many companies Microsoft has swallowed up in the past and then improved upon them, Linkedin is doomed.
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    If you're wondering why a recruiter seems to know everything about your background despite not having things on your resume, look at your LinkedIn profile. Don't put anything on there you wouldn't want recruiters to know about.
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    Also, if you're using a particular tool to secure your company/agency, don't mention that on your LinkedIn profile. Potential attackers can use that against you.
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    In general I agree with everyone above. The one exception is if you are starting to apply for positions. Thus, if you were going to apply to a big name company, and you notice all the people in the roles you are applying for having a certain format, and detail, do that for your profile.
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