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How close is the 70-215 test to the Transcender practice tests?



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    If you're asking is the Transcender word for word to the real test - the answer is NO. However, if you can take, pass and understand why answers are right or wrong on the Transcender then you'll certainly be ready for the exam.

    Transcender helps you understand the concepts behind the exam objectives. Read the explanations thoroughly. You may get one or two questions on your exam that may look a little like the Transcender, but don't expect that memorizing the questions and answers from Transcender will equate to a pass. It won't. You really have to understand it. The best prep is as much hands on as you can get. Know the ins and outs of disk management and GPOs.
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    Thanks. I thought that the transender was helpful for the 70-210 test, but their were quite a few questions on the test that were not covered on the transender. But there was enough for me to pass. What other free exams would you recomend to prepair me for the test?
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    You can try the demos of EasyCert (www.jrksoftware.com) or ExamEssentials (www.certify.com).

    Good luck!
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    Transecender has truthfully helped me out in my conquest on the MCSE track. But let me tell you. I spent good money on all the MS Press Kit books, and reading chapter by chapter did prepare me well enough for the exams
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