How to A+ objectives

RaynardXORaynardXO Member Posts: 13 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi guys. I am currently baffled on how to exactly study the A+ 901 and 902 exam objectives. Can anyone please help me and guide me as I will be writing my A+ by the end of November and Part 2 early december. The objectives just confuses me. I might be a little retarded but I really don’t know how it works as they give bullets on each points but how do I actually study for it?? Would highly appreciate your tips and guidelines on how to pass this exam as I am really struggling and can’t afford to fail this exam.

I had an instructor-led class for 5 days in course and we literally flew threw the course to cover both part 1 & 2. So if anyone can give me tips and how to really ace these exams I would highly appreciate it.


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