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i got the invitation to an interview for a 2nd Level job.

I have to solve the following task and present my solution.

The xxx is about to take over the second level support for an aftersales application. The application bundles information for end users at the retailer that they need to carry out their daily work. These includes, for example, information on spare parts, labor values, service packages, customer service and vehicles.
Your task is to develop a first structuring for the takeover of second level support by the XXX.
Which topics would have to be processed, that the takeover can be carried out smoothly and without negative affect on the user of the application.
Please also make a suggestion for a reasonable order of activity.
For missing information please make your own assumptions.

The time duration of the presentation is approximately 10 minutes.

My solution is:

1. previous documentation of the application should be checked and improved
2. the users should be trained and handed out information/documentation regarding the application
3. in case of a major incident an employee should be ready to help within the service time
4. when a rollout is planned the 1st level and the user have to be informed beforehand
5. prior to enroll an update test runs have to be carried out
6. the 1st level has to be trained and provided with workarounds

What do you think of my solution? Did I miss the point of this assignment or is my solution correct?

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