Passed the CISSP - now what?

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So, I studied pretty hard for 5 months - created my own testing materials, read the books, went online to watch videos and completed some of the training materials provided by my employer. I am happy to say that I passed the CISSP a couple of weeks ago (yay!). I've gone ahead and joined (ISC)2 by paying the $35, so I now have the designation of "Associate of (ISC)2" . That part of the journey is done. Now I am turning towards pursuing the 5 years of experience in 2 domains requirement to get the full CISSP certification.

I've read that a four-year degree automatically gets you a year of experience. How do I provide that proof to the folks as (ISC)2? A college transcript? Do I do that now, or wait until I get the other four years of the requirement completed?

Also, how do I go about lining up someone for an endorsement? I do not know any CISSP Certified individuals where I work.

Finally, for the 4 years in two domains, is there a way to prove that I already have the necessary experience? I've been in IT for about three decades, but not specifically in any security roles. I've been in many different roles that required security "best practices" - among them are software developer, database architect and analyst, ETL and report designer, GIS specialist, computer skills trainer, PC hardware build technician, web designer, etc...

I just am wondering if it would help to get a GIAC certification to facilitate my getting a job specifically in InfoSec to get the four years of experience - or am I possibly already there, considering my 30 years of IT experience (i.e., I just need someone who has worked with me to vouch for me in some sort of written statement)? I don't want to shell out the $$$ for a GIAC cert if I don't have to.

Any advice would be appreciated!


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    so you've registered with ISC2? did you go through the "self-endorsement" process? because they give you the option to upload your work experiences and educational attainments. i would suggest this route and highlight the work experience aligned with the domains covered in CISSP and let ISC2 decide whether you qualify.

    best of luck and congratulations!
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    Thanks for the congrats, and thanks for the tip, jercx!

    I don't recall seeing anything on the "self-endorsement" process on the (ISC)2 web page, but I will go back and see if I can locate more information on it. That would be awesome if i could upload my work experiences and educational attainments!

    I'll reply back when I find out more about it.
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    I found it here :

    "If you do not know an (ISC)² certified professional in good standing, (ISC)² can act as an endorser for you."

    The link to begin the endorsement application process is on the same page.
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    You will receive a few days after passing the exam an email telling how to begin the endorsement process. They will either ask you for an endorser, or they will ask you to complete a resume in which you will have to show how your experience map to the ICS2 domain.
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