Need Help Deciphering Banking Titles

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SO I am looking around on financial career sites and there seems to be a wide range of job levels for example, analyst, associate, VP, SVP, manager, senior manager, Director Senior Director.....some positions seem to have no management functions like this one, but the title is director

Anyone work in the financial sector or at Capital One willing to share some insight into these job levels/hierarchy?



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    No idea what job you are talking about. The link just takes you to the main job site to search for a job. Whats the title of the job exactly? Maybe we can search for it.
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    Please keep in mind that titles mean NOTHING. I work in the financial sector and even internally many positions labeled "Infosec Engineer" have absolutely nothing in common. Always look for job duties.
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    Banks always love the VP title, seems like everyone is some sort of VP. Jr VP of Customer Support = bank teller.
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    cyberguypr wrote: »
    Please keep in mind that titles mean NOTHING.

    I concur. Take the job title "Sanitation Engineer". In one company/township government it could refer to a highly trained civil engineer for improving the sanitation of communities, in another it could refer the guy that barely holds a high school diploma that empties garbage cans into trash trucks. The job title in one company may or may not be the same job duties in another company with the same job title, even in the same industry.

    Trying to decode what a job title is at a company without a list of job duties is an exercise in futility.
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    Can't find the job anymore on the site but here is an archived copy...

    [FONT=&quot]Director, Cyber Intelligence [/FONT]

    Job Description:
    Our goal is to deter, prevent, and indirectly influence cyber criminal and state-sponsored adversary operations that pose a significant risk to Capital One. As a Director, you’re considered an individual contributor responsible for applying fundamental CI tradecraft to deter and/or influence sophisticated threat actors targeting the company’s most valuable assets. Alongside your teammates, you will use “out-of-the-box” thinking, data mining techniques, counterintelligence methods, and collaborate to execute the mission of finding the threats to the company’s most critical and sensitive information.

    Primary Job Duties:
    Identify high potential cybercriminal and state sponsored corporate targets. Assess, plan, and track cyber threats that pose a significant risk to Capital One. Develop plans and target packages to detect, deter, and disrupt sophisticated threat actors from compromising critical data within our networks. Plan and develop measures to mitigate threats and assist leadership to integrate proactive CI measures across the enterprise.

    You have to be technical, well versed in multiple cyber domains, and willing to work across teams.

    Primary Job Duties:
    Leveraging intelligence of an adversary’s tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and guidance from our strategic intelligence analysts, you will identify the most critical assets of our company that will be likely targeted.
    Collaborate with Cyber Hunt, Red, and Deception Teams to plan and conduct highly tactical CCI operations.
    Fuse data from internal and external data sources in order to construct the attack surface of various company assets and the threats that will likely target those assets.
    Work with various teams across lines of business to determine which assets warrant CCI protection.
    Provide mentoring, guidance and coaching to less experienced analysts within CCI & Cyber Intelligence.
    Collaborate with intelligence entities and industry communities on the observed TTPs and activities of persistent threat actors.
    Ability to document and communicate technical details clearly and concisely.

    Basic Qualifications:
    Bachelor’s Degree or Military Experience
    At least 8 years of experience on a critical cyber security or cyber intelligence team.
    At least 7 years of experience analyzing network protocols like SMB, HTTP, DNS or ICMP

    Preferred Qualifications:
    7 years of experience in counterintelligence or intelligence related experience within the cyber domain
    6 years of experience in offensive cyber operations, red team or other mission critical cyber security team.
    5 years of experience working with large data sets, SIEMs or big data analytics.
    At this time, Capital One will not sponsor a new applicant for employment authorization for this position
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    From what I am reading, that sounds like a CSO direct report (at least it is in the FS company I work for) which is my boss's role. This will be the main Cyber/Threat Intel leader at Cap One
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    It does not mention anything about leadership duties?
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