Chris Bryant CCNP books

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Has anyone ever read Chris Bryants CCNP book? Curious as they are cheaper than the OCG on Amazon.


  • MitMMitM Member Posts: 622 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I had a book from him but it was years ago. Have you ever watched one of his courses? Unless something changed, it's the same text that he's reading from during his videos.
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    Yep have a look at his course on udemy. He is basically reading from his book within the video course and adding extra context and information to the words. He also provides some live labs. Really good quality, and likely cheaper than his book .....
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    The books are good and it makes it easier to read when he goes through the text in his videos. he doesnt just read it, but clarifies points as he goes through it.

    one gripe is that there is no proper index or page numbers for what you want. It could use some better formatting and breaking up of chapters too.

    I've heard the OCG has lots of errors and what not.
    I have both bryant's route and switch book. its pretty good for a paperback. The pages are 8.5x11 so theres plenty of room for notes and the font is a little bigger.
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  • jimmysnooka90jimmysnooka90 Member Posts: 8 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the insight everyone. I like having the freedom to either read or watch videos so i switch off from time to time. After watching a few of his CCNA videos it did seem like he was reading from a
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    So far I really like his videos on Udemy. Chris Bryant that is.
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    Chris Bryant video series on Udemy black friday for 10 dollars.
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