AVC Application Visibility and Control

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So I've been looking into Cisco's new intelligent network system and trying to familiarize myself with the core concepts.

Now you can detect every application in your network and optimize bandwidth with application-aware policies. Cisco AVC monitors application performance and troubleshoots issues that arise. It helps you deliver business-intent policies across the entire network. And it does all this without additional appliances in a simple and powerful way.

So far I've come to the understanding that Cisco has realized that as cloud and SD-WAN and things like MPLS and other forms of what essentially look to me as advanced QOS services is kinda making it so that what brand of hardware you have is less relevant as we have now separate the control plane from the data plane in various forms

What I can see is Cisco is now having to also value-add their own products similar to how the re-seller's have had to build core services into their marketing strategy in order to stay relevant in todays market.

So I am curious about few things... how is this going to impact the re-seller's and are they going to have to start customizing network traffic and data analytics in order to stay in the market??

Also what exactly is AVC and how does it work?
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