CCNP Route : 630/1000

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I've always been a campus switching man, since 2010....Boy did I have a bad day.

Network principles: 83%
Layer 2 technologies: 50%
Layer 3 technologies: 59%
VPN technologies: 33%
Infrastructure security: 43%
Infrastructure services: 31% - I felt like this was twenty questions of the 48 I had. Honestly WTF is EVN?!!?!!

Can't help but feel like I studied for something completely different than what I was tested on. I admit I did very little labbing although I do possess a CCIE lab at home and beat EIGRP into up. I had experience with OPSF from 8 years of being the hands on guy. Always the one called in.

I retake DEC 12....

How do I unF*** this?


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