Transfer to another School from WGU

ira.aira.a Posts: 29Member ■□□□□□□□□□
I've been considering for some time moving to another "online" school due to frustrations with WGU's setup. I'm looking at PennState's Online Bachelors in Computer Science. Has anyone done this program? And has anyone gone in as a transfer either from WGU or another "online" college?


  • TranceSoulBrotherTranceSoulBrother Posts: 215Member
    Whether it's WGU or another school, none of us can provide much info since it's up to the transfer school to take in and evaluate your credits. Most should have a limit. Your benefit is that WGU is regionally accredited, so that makes it a bit easier.
  • Bjcheung77Bjcheung77 Posts: 89Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    What seems to be the issue with WGU, in your opinion? There are a few that aren't too satisfied with their newer changes, but there are many more who are completing their Bachelors or Masters at WGU, especially the IT folks here are going to them. I know others use them as well for Business/Nursing and Teaching, etc... WGU is probably the best of the competency based degree providers - certainly the "oldest/largest". If you're looking for a competency model, try Hodges. Similar to WGU, Hodges is a smaller Florida B&M university with a UPower offering...
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