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Hello all. I've decided to pursue Prince2 certification, and rather than taking the 2009 exam, I'm going for the 2017 exam. My questions are for those familiar with Prince2 are:
Are the 2009 study materials close enough to allow one to pass the 2017 exam? I've been getting the impression that is the case, particularly since one only needs a 55% to pass the exam.
Assuming there are enough differences (and I'm not satisfied with merely passing the exam), does anyone know where I can get study materials specific to 2017? All the existing body of knowledge seems to be for the 2009, with a few that have "addendum" for 2017. Certainly the few practice exams I can find are still based on 2009.
Thanks in advance!


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    Hey LordQarlyn

    I am happy to share fresh study materials

    Online Tutorials :-

    PRINCE2 Study Guide
    Prince2 for Beginners: Prince2 Study Guide for Certification & Project Management
    PRINCE2 Made Simple 2017: updated 2018 version

    Training Centers:-
    Koenig Solutions
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