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Hello everyone,

Well, I've graduated with an Associates in IT back in Dec. 2016 and haven't even gotten an interview offer anywhere yet. I chalked this up to not have any working experience in the field and lack of certifications. I just had a baby that year and although I'm studying for Comptia certs the process is slow and don't want to attempt before I think I'm ready. Well, anyways I got an interview as a field technician with a well know local company that services printer/copiers. In your opinion can this/should be my first step into the field?


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    Yes, if they offer you the job take it. You will get hands on experience and then you cam transition to something like Helpdesk and then start moving higher
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    Yes! It gives you experience!
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    Take whatever job that offers you experience and work on those certifications. Starting off in this industry, especially with a small child, leave little room for sleep and no room for other hobbies.
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    There are three things mentioned previous to what I am typing - 1) Experience (hands on, troubleshooting of issues), with that experience you can get higher up that corp ladder such as transitioning to help desk, then to technical analyst and beyond. 2) Certifications - get those vendor neutral certifications from CompTIA, ITIL, and which ever you would want to specialize in. 3) Degree, ladder your Associates and get a Bachelors - get a competency based degree from one of the non profits such as Brandman, Hodges, WGU.

    See this thread post for more info on the Competency Based Bachelors Degrees - Cheap/Easy/Fast. http://www.techexams.net/forums/general-certification/129926-where-go-what-do.html#post1122882
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    Definitely take the job if they offer it to you. I was in the same boat several months ago. I just finished getting an AS in network infrastructure, had no certs yet with little experience, and was having a hard time landing my first IT job. I finally got my one and only interview and got the job for a position that allows me to wear many hats and couldn't be happier with it being my first IT position. You'd be surprised at what you'll learn servicing network printers/copiers: IP addressing and common addressing schemas, shared folders and permissions, group policy, ports, various installation methods, printer drivers, not to mention the hardware when replacing printer consumables. Good luck!
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    In IT I have learned its not about what you start as.... but it is about what you choose to do. We ALL start at the bottom so to speak we ALL have done tech support, Help Desk, Field Services...
    Take the job and be a sponge... learn everything you can learn. Find a seasoned tech and learn from them. Take notes, and when you go home research different things that you can do and fix with printers and faxes and computers.
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    Thank you everyone one the sound advice. I'm really hoping the interview goes well and like many of you said, if I get the job I will be a sponge and learn as much as I can!
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