CCNA 1 - Packet Tracer Project Question

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My name is Gabriel and I have started studying for the first CCNA exam (we're doing classes and labs during college). Right now I need to configure a topology with 14 routers connected with each other as you can see in the attached picture. The only steps I must follow are that firstly my range of ip addresses is given by this network and secondly I must use static ip routing combined with supernetting. Also, there is a trick our course teacher told us before he gave us the assignment. If for example I have 3 routers connected in a straight line, all configured with /30 ip addresses from 2 contiguous networks, we can turn those two /30 networks in a single /29 network by changing the mask at the routers on the edges. And this assignment's task is that I must have ping between any two routers by using a number of static routes as small as possible.xjDUU

Now, using all of those, I've tried splitting my 14 routers topology in several ways, like 2 networks of /25 (which would sum up a /24 network), 4 networks of /26 (also sum up a /24 network) and so on. My real problem here is that those networks cannot be configured contiguously because of the way the routers are connected (for example I have 3 a router which knows 3 networks, but I can't supernet this because I'd need 4 or 2 networks to drop down the mask. Since this is happening, I'd lose a range to supernet this, which would destroy the contiguous rule).

Can anyone atleast give me a tip of how should I be watching this topology?

Thank you everyone for the time you've spent reading my issue and I'm sorry if I posted this in a wrong section!



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