CISSP Passed Today, 1st Attempt !

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Hi Guys !
I've been a silent reader of this forum, so 1st thing to do is to thank you all, really, for your great tips and recommendations for passing the CISSP exam !
Thank you from Paris, France ! :)

It was hard !!! very hard ! I passed today, 29th of November, 2 months exactly after the date I decided to enroll for the exam!
No boot camp, a full time job in the IT Security (of course) and a wife to take care of ;) Not easy !
But I made it ! I'm so f****** happy !

Anyway, as I said, questions are really hard ! Use your brain ! forget about the **** = Non-sense !
So what worked for me was : working on nights weekdays & weekend long ! Took some free days also on fridays to make it a longer weekend of studying.

My material and recommendations is simple :
-CONRAD book (from safarionlinebooks) 1 month licence 39.99€
-Sunflower PDF FREE !
-Nearly all the questions test from the Sybex app (online, bought on my iphone) 10€
-Sari greene videos study guide (on safarionline) : They are good but to my mind not half way to the complexity of the test ! It way harder than her courses or questions !!! trust me!
-Cybrary videos are free but not 1/3 of the course material needed to understand the test...time wasted
-1200 CCCure questions, HARD mode, but not close enough once again with the complexity of the test, but it's better than nothing
-On udemy, found the free questions test from Thor Pedersen : well done test, I would have bought some more if I had the time but 2 months was way too short !

My brain has melt, spitting out from my ears but I'm f****** happy !
Dont know how I would have cope with failure icon_sad.gif
Anyway, let's celebrate now ;)

Thank you guys and keep the motivation for all you students ! It's worth it !



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    Well done pal. Any other certs on the horizon for you?
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    mattster79 wrote: »
    Well done pal. Any other certs on the horizon for you?
    Thank you, Sir!
    After OSCP, CEH, SANS GPEN, and now CISSP... i’m looking toward CISM but I need some time off first...because these 2 last months have been hard.
    Moreover, CISM might be a bit redundant with CISSP, sO I’m not sure so far...

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    Vegeta75011Vegeta75011 Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Hello guys, can I ask you several questions ?

    Now that it’s over and that the pressure has gone away, I can tell you I didnt feel good at all the day of the exam, I mean, even after the result.

    When I finished reviewing my answers at the end of the time (I took 5h45) I gave myself no more than 50/50 chance to have it.

    I was reliefed with my chance but i’m not totally, strange feeling for me to explain since my mother tongue isnt english but I will try to convey my feelings by the following questions:

    -Why did I found it so difficult? Was my preparation not good? Not enough (2 months)?

    -Why are people on the forum saying that Cissp videos I talked about are good? They are absolutely not enough!!!! Even the Conrad is not enough! I mean thank you to the persons trying to help us studying but it’s nearly misleading if you think it’s enough!

    -Why were there so much notions/words (i’m volontary not precise here) I never read or heard about before the exam during my preparation? Are they in the books I didnt read?

    -and on the contrary, why did I had no (or nearly no) questions about the (easy) notions I was totally confident like Quantitive BIA, fire extinguishers classes, cryptography aso...?

    -Moreover not knowing finally the answers of my exam, or where I was wrong or my total percentage at least has been on my mind since wednesday! Damn it, it’s frustating! Did I get 700 pts or 900 pts? It’s totally a different victory!

    As you can see I’m the kind of people who really want to understand things (you say a brainer, right?)
    I guess I just have to cope with that but maybe some other guys feel like me after taking it....

    Have a nice WE and students, study hard and keep the faith ;-]
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    "I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." - Michael Jordan
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    SteveLavoieSteveLavoie Member Posts: 1,133 ■■■■■■■■■□
    Bonjour, bienvenue dans le groupe!

    I understand your concern about the language. I am french native too, and I feeled the exam have quite a few language quirk. However, it did not cause me any problem. It took me about 2h-2h15 to do the exam with success.

    I have used mostly the same material as you but I felt prepared. I studied on-off for many years while taking other certs (VMCE, VCP, SSCP). (2-3 years).

    Also it all depend on your experience. I have 15 years of mixed sysadmin, dev, dba, networking, security and consulting experience in a VAR. This experience helped me a lot.
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