Passing the CCNA routing and switching essentials

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Hi so i was wondering from someone who has Passed the exam before. What are the chances of passing the CCNA2 routing and switching essentials exam if i was to exclusively study the concepts with youtube tutorials, as im a much more visual learner and sink information in much easier that way ?
can most things be covered in a video or would it be lacking key things that only reading can provide ?
Also how long roughly would it take to read through all 10 chapters ?


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    hunterthuntert Banned Posts: 231
    you probably should read also. ryan beney on youtube has some good videos. also danscourses. you can got to netacad.com and download packet tracer. net academy has free training for packettracer. i have been using a website called networklessons.com i like it but it costs 29.00 a month. It has training from ccent through ccie. you can get some of the books for studying cisco on amazon as ebooks. i am reading a book by Paul Browning I don't remember the name right now but it is good.
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