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    Maybe it happens so much by now, they are de-sensitized to saying anything?

    We are approaching cold/flu season, but if it persists beyond the times when there's something going around, it might be time to start thinking why they skip the usual courtesy.
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    I've never said bless you. I know there's a religious conotation to it, but I'm Atheist. I understand it's common courtesy, but I'd rather hand them a handkerchief or offer them a cough sweet or whatever if they are ill. If they're not ill, then things are fine.
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    Also an atheist, so I never say it. When people say it to me I simply ignore it.
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    We say it here. Keep on keeping on!
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    We all say it in my office. Not a big deal. One time I said "Cthulu bless you" and got some laughs.
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    Wow! First world problem...quitting a job because nobody told you bless you. I love America. lol
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    It's more of a cultural thing, no need to bring up religion here.
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    I always say 'Bless you'
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    Origins are religious, but in practice, saying it seems to be more cultural/regional I think. I get a "bless you" even from the most renowned areligious folks around me.
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    I guess I would wonder if it's a sign of a general lack of courtesy among employees? Or am I overthinking it?

    I often say something to those I'm familiar with. Usually start with a "bless you" or a "don't die dude" if I know they don't like that bless-you stuff, move onto a "dude, you gonna make it?" or a "stop it" or something like that. Basically whatever I'd say to my kids I say to my coworkers.
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    Youre not the Pope. Don't worry.

    you could always prove your bi-lingual skills by saying, Salud!
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