(*, I get this in multicast BIdir vs more speicific mroute (*,

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  • Hi CCIEs
    do you have a clue why in my lab am I getting the wild card (*, vs the more specific mroute?
    I have my lab just like the CCIE instructor I have no clue why it is giving me a wild card. yeah it works but hate when output is not same as my teacher in the video? anybody know why? thank you for helping me

    Why dont I only get?? (*, R1 and R2 I get only this: (*, R3 and R4 I bet both: (*, (*, R3 is my RP/MP/bidir on RP R3: ip pim send-rp-announce Loopback0 scope 10 bidir ip pim send-rp-discovery Loopback0 scope 10 on all my routers: ip pim sparse-mode ip pim sparse-mode ip pim sparse-mode ip pim bidir-enable ip pim autorp listener
  • I have exact configs you do am using autorp instead of BSR and both types give me same wild card address instead of the more specifi (*. what am i doing wrong?
  • it works but I dont get what you get? in show ip mroute?


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    (*, solved this by using IOU 15.4 in gns3vm
    i was using 7200 with 15.x and just did some weird stuff by give me group (*,G) vs specific..

    now i get the correct address (*,G) entry for Bidir with bsr router.

    huh hate sims..need real gear..
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