AnyConnect changing local routes?

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Hey guys,

I need some help. We do split tunneling with Any Connect 4.0 and sometimes run into this issue where a route on the VPN users computer to their VM on their local machine switches from pointing to vbox, to pointing to the tunnel - after connecting to the VPN. This was an issue SOMETIMES. To change this, I had a couple of folks try 4.5 and it happens ALL THE TIME now.

So, we do have in the split tunnel ACL. Cisco is suggesting to me that the Macbook should be changing the route because of this since the VM is on the 10.2xx.x.x network. However, this was not typically occurring before. I'm just kind of unsure if what Cisco is saying is even true. Does anyone have more experience with this?

Quick recap:

User has a VM on their Mac, VM has an IP of 10.2xx.x.x and Macbook has a route pointing to vbox for that subnet. They connect to VPN with AnyConnect on the Mac itself, and on AC 4.5 the Mac routing table has the route to point to the tunnel now instead of vbox. On 4.0, the route does not usually change, but sometimes does. Not sure who to blame. Do have an idea to fix. Cisco claims what is happening is normal, but I am not sure.
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