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Passed CISSP !!!!! @ 30th Nov 2017
Thank You for examtech team, supporters.

Preparation Material & Methods
# Class room Training from Koenig Solutions Bangalore, India.

# Reference Materials:
1. CISSP 4th Edition Official CBK ( It is my Bible ).
2. CISSP Sybex 7th Edition Study Guide.

# Quiz ( Practice Exam )
1.Sybex 7th Edition CISSP Study Guide – End of Chapter Questions (20 Q * 21 = 420 Q , Practice Questions Online (Free when I bought this book).
2.Sybex CISSP Official (ISC2) Practice Tests (Each Domain 100 Q * 8 = 800 Q and Practice test 250 Q * 2 = 500 Q).
3.CISSP 4th Edition Official CBK – End of Chapter Questions (Total 200 Q).
4.Boson CISSP Practice Test (Total 750 Q)

First Attempt @ 27-Oct-2017:
· Prepared well for the exam, spend last week completely in Quiz and refreshing some points I marked in both CBK and Sybex.
· Went to Exam center on time and started exam at 9:00am. Starting from question 1 it was so dry and I felt so tired reading questions again and again and after 50 questions (took more than 1 hour). I can’t concentrate anymore. I quickly marked what I know and think is correct and finished the exam near to 3 Hours. I know I am exhausted so went to collect my belonging, the exam center administrator handed over the result paper (Your Score is 630) Oops… was near and felt so bad…. (That is all gone anyway). Excuse me for that.

Second Attempt @ 30-Nov-2017:
· I was advised by all my well-wishers to attempt as soon as possible (Month time). But the next available schedule was 27th Dec 2017.
· Sure, I wanted to be intact with CISSP concepts so I search similar certs and reached info about CISM which is similar to CISSP pattern and decided to buy QA Database and went through all questions, trust me CISSP preparation helped me 75% to clear CISM @ 10th Nov (Two Weeks Preparation). So, I am still intact now.
· You know what … I learned something in CISM exam. I finished 150 Q in 2 hours and went through all questions one more time and changed 12 Answers and finished the exam in 3 hours and 50 mins. Provisionally Passed CISM. Wow…..
· Immediately after CISM, I was thinking of scheduling CISSP again and I found a message in about Exam testing method change (CAT Format) starting 18th Dec 2017. Oops, I don’t know how that is going to be. Meow Meow….
· Worked closely with the test center (Only one center in Ghana), monitored daily starting 11th of Dec and finally 28th I found ONE Slot available i.e. 30th Dec 8:00Am so quickly registered that slot. All SET.
· Went for quick review of concepts (Two complete days with enough rest).

Exam Day:
· Reached testing center 30 Mins before and went through all pre-exam check process and got into the assigned PC.
· As planned I attended 125 Questions then went for 1st Break, finished rest 125 Questions then 2nd break (all 250 within 3 hours). Started reviewing all 250 Questions again (CISM technique) , changed 9 Answers and completed near to 5 hours 30 Mins. Remember I did not mark for review knowing that I will have enough time to review all questions. ( I do agree that if you don’t get a question well , your first quess is best )
· Starting from question One, my plan was to understand the question well and choose appropriate answer, if I don’t know or have doubt I just chosen what I felt correct and move on without wasting time on hard questions (that may be 25 questions that is not graded).
· Questions are wide spread all over 8 domains and trust me NO questions came from question banks but question bank prepared me very well (CBK, Sybex & Boson)
· Clicked “End Exam” button and walked with the test administrator out and had hand geometry done and One minute later while I was talking my belongings out, the test admin handed over a paper “CONGRATS”. I am Provisionally done now.

My Background: Working as IT Manager (with 15 + Years of Experience in total) in an International Company @ GHANA with certificates including CEH, CHFI, ISO 27001/22301, VCA-DCP, Provisionally CISM & CISSP now.

Thank You
Chenthil Kumar. A


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