Certification CISSP or AWS

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I have an IT experience close to around 19 years and majority has worked as DBA on the production support side on major Wall Street banks. Since last year and half was not working due to personal reasons. Now I want to come back to work but am not very keen on going towards core DBA side.
Am looking to get certified in CISSP but one of friend and ex-colleague is suggesting for AWS certification.
Appreciate if you could share your thoughts/suggestions on this.



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    You need to provide a little bit more context. What jobs are you looking for, what do you like to do?

    Getting any of those certs will mean nothing without context. They are 2 totally different certs for totally different jobs.
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    I'm also curious about this post. I'd like to have the OP have his question answered before I hijack it with my info
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    Can't really answer the question because we don't know what the OP wants--only what the OP doesn't want.

    Maybe he or she wants a cert that lands a job ASAP because a little desperate for employment or something. Well 5500 hits for AWS on a job board while CISSP has 1500 hits. Both great numbers but AWS wins. I don't think this is the right way to choose a cert personally.

    OP is probably not doing it just for the money since there is already good money in being a senior DBA.

    And then there are like 8 different AWS certs, ranging from software developer to sys admin to network architect and everything in between. OP's question is akin to asking, "Should I get a masters degree or a PMP? I don't want to be a DBA. Discuss."

    You really can't. And considering one post and it's already been a month, I don't see us getting any more context.
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