Passed my CCSK Exam

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I passed my CCSK exam yesterday with 95% passing rate for V3.0. I registered for the exam couple of months ago at the time of which CSA had it for 295$ (50$ discount). It is currently back to 345$. Before sharing the experience of exam, let me share that CSA now has V4 available too so before starting the preparation and downloading the stuff please make sure to verify the version you want to appear for.

I researched alot to see a difference between CCSP and CCSK and chose CCSK because it is well established in the market and has good reputation. I might go for CCSP later if i feel the need of. From the exam preparation point of view, i studied CSA guide V3.0 and ENISA paper. The composition of exam is 92% questions will be from CSA guide and remaining from ENISA paper. Few of the modules/chapters in CSA guide are very well written and provides a good perspective about general concepts of cloud security, few of the remaining i found to be too repetitive or complexed (IdEA chapter for instance is poorly written).

I studied for one month (not regular), gone through both guide and the paper cover by cover and noted few stuff on white paper as notes. Then before appearing for the exam i went through all the recommendations and summary points of each chapter one more time and skimmed through the notes i made. Since CSA offers two attempts and there are no practice questions/**** available to prepare yourself with the mindset of the exam so mentally i was prepared to fail it in first attempt, luckily i passed it with 95%.

There are 90 questions to be answered in 60 minutes, the exam is unproctored and can be given any time from the online portal. Its also open book but due to shortage of time you cannot refer to guide all the time. Also mostly its the concepts that are tested rather then memorized/written stuff. I answered 85-90% questions in one go and marked approx 5-7 questions for reviewing at the end. Since i had time at the end so i gave more time to those questions and referred guide for understanding few points before answering those questions.

The exam is easy if you know the concepts of cloud security, types of services (IAAS,PAAS, SAAS), responsibilities of CP and organization and the cloud reference model properly.
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