My CCSP Preparation Strategy & Passed on 29-Nov-2017 (Started on 13-Nov-2017)

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Here is what I wrote for my classmates with 4 questions answered in details as much as I can under NDA with Isc2.
I can be reached on if you need any help. No promised SLA but will try my best effort to reply and help.

From: Monday, 13th Nov to Friday, 17th Nov 2017
I started with 5-day online instructor led class from Isc2 for CCSP and it was good enough to give a kick start to prepare for the exam.
From: Wednesday, 22nd Nov to Sunday, 26th Nov 2017 (Long weekend holidays)
I spent anywhere between 8-10 hours of reading following material.
Q-1) After the class how did you study & Q-2) How did you take the test
A-1 & 2)
I read ISC2_CCSP_Student Guide_3rdEdition_2017 for 5 out of 6 domains (Except Operation Domain I read all). I read every page except questions at the end of the chapter for each domain.
Monday, 27th Nov-2017 & Tuesday, 28th Nov 2017:
I continued reading and completed reading on Tuesday @9 P.M.
Operations Domain I read from this book:
All-In-One CCSP Exam Guide by Daniel Carter
Tuesday, 28th Nov & Wednesday, 29th Nov 2017:
Tuesday @9 P.M. I started going through questions from the book:
All-In-One CCSP Exam Guide by Daniel Carter
Appended to this document is the break-up of questions from each domain.
This continued till Wednesday, 29th Nov @2:30 P.M.
@2:30 to 3 P.M. I went through 35 Questions from Isc2 instructor T.J. Scott
@3 P.M. to @3:30 P.M.
Drive to exam center.
@3:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.
Took my exam.
In the exam hall I received one sheet an 1 pen for writing.
This is how I tracked my answers with 5-columns on the paper.
1. Definite right answer (100% confidence level) - 78 questions
2. Highly guessed answer (75% guess, 25% confidence level) - 13 questions
3. Medium guessed answer (50% guess, 50% confidence level) - 21 questions
4. Low guessed answer (25% guess, 75% confidence level) - 8 questions
5. No clue answer (0% confidence level as I had no clue about these questions) - 5 questions
Q-3) Were the test questions like we did in class?
A) Not really but concepts we discussed during the session were helpful in solving few questions. In my mind this was not an easy exam and probably reason for that is I felt under prepared before taking the exam and also lack of reading from multiple sources which I normally do & had done for CISSP that way. There were 3-4 scenario based question and had to think a lot to solve them. I didn't answer all questions in one shot but went one-by-one to solve it. I know Jerry had told in the class that it is wrong approach but somehow I took different approach (details in question-2) It took me 3-hrs 50-minutes to complete all questions and revised only 8-10 questions with one change only. 8-10 were under Low guess and no clue questions.
Q-4) Any advice to pass on to your classmates.
A) Don't go under prepared as you will not be a happy campaigner if you were to take it again & just not from financial perspective but patience to sit for 4-hours to take it again.
Be patient and make sure to take 2-3 breaks to relax or take deep breath. I took 3 breaks and each was 5-7 minutes.
CCSP Exam Domain Weightage and Questions
1. Architectural Concepts & Design Requirements 19% -> 24 Questions
Isc2 -> 138 Pages
All-In-One -> 60 Pages
Isc2 Questions Domain-1: -> Pg.
All-In-One Questions Domain-1: 52 (DONE)
2. Cloud Data Security 20% -> 25 Questions
Isc2 ->
All-In-One -> 46 Pages
Isc2 Questions Domain-2:
All-In-One Questions Domain-2: 53 (DONE)
3. Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security 19% -> 24 Questions
Isc2 ->
All-In-One -> 34 Pages
Isc2 Questions Domain-3:
All-In-One Questions Domain-3: 47 (DONE)
4. Cloud Application Security 15% -> 19 Questions
Isc2 ->
All-In-One -> 34 Pages
Isc2 Questions Domain-4:
All-In-One Questions Domain-4: 47 (DONE)
5. Operations 15% -> 19 Questions
Isc2 -> 126 Pages
All-In-One -> 62 Pages (Pg. 191 to 243 without questions)
Isc2 Questions Domain-5:
All-In-One Questions Domain-5: 54 (DONE)
6. Legal & Compliance 12% -> 15 Questions
Isc2 -> 132 Pages (106 Pages without questions)
All-In-One -> 50 Pages
Isc2 Questions Domain-6:
All-In-One Questions Domain-6: 50 (DONE)
7. Exam Review Questions:
Isc2 ->
All-In-One -> 92 Pages
8. Glossary
Isc2 -> 19 Pages
All-In-One -> 12 Pages


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    Congrats on the pass!!
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    Congrats! Man you keep track a lot of details. 78 questions of 100% certainty is almost a sure pass right there => 62.4% for 125 questions or 78% for 100 questions (without the 25 sample unaccounted questions).
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    Thank you everyone for your congratulations & yes "GettingThereSoon" it has been a successful strategy in all (35+ certification exams :) taken) to track it in details and you know where you stand before you hit the submit button. CISSP & CCSP apart from PMP & WebSphere Advanced exam have been the most difficult exams so far in my career. All the best to all future aspirants of CCSP / CISSP and feel free to contact me if I can help in nay way.
    Happy Holidays !!
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