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I sat for GISP . today and passed it was as hard as the practice test i took, but did have some easier answers mixed in the bunch of 250 questions.icon_cheers.gif

I did take my SANS Books and Eric Conrad's Study Guide from the class with me. I used them pretty much to verify i was get the right answer. Information overload does set well with me . I want to do more practice tests in prep for CISSP. I already had this paid for through my conference fee and thought i better just get it and use it to judge for the $700 i will need to blow to take CISSP . My issue i have is i don't retain information like everyone else can . I feel like i need more time and prep for CISSP just to retain the information. Any advice would be helpful.
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    I would recommend going over each domain until you're comfortable with the topics and reaching over 80 percent at end of domain quizzes. You'll need to rinse and repeat throughout the remainder of domains. The best way to understand and sometimes memorize those hard terms is to use diagrams, charts and funny mnemonics that will easily come out later. The other advise that I would give is that you would need to establish a dedicated schedule so everything will be routine and kept fresh.
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    You may consider changing up the method of studying...

    If reading and taking practice questions is now helping, try writing out a mind map. You could also try writing out flashcards (not just using an app or typing them on a computer), actually writing them out; or teaching someone else about the subject.
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    Depending on how well practiced in studying you are you may well want to try a few different approaches to see what works (i.e. do you retain from visuals best/audio/video/examples)? As shoey said flashcards are a lifesaver provided you're being selective with what you write down. I wrote a post on my website specifically about writing flashcards which you have a look at if you like.
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