Requesting for Sans gpen560 paper T.T

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Hi Guys,icon_sad.gif

Just did my gpen practice exam and fail with a 42 percent.

find myself searching the book for too much answer.

will need to read up more and hopefully someone can send me a practice paper
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looking for tips as well.




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    First - Study. Know the stuff as much as you can. Practice all the labs over and over in different ways. If there's some program mentioned, but there isn't a lab, download and play with it anyway.

    Second - A good index is key. Lots of posts here from people saying how they made their index. A good index means you don't need to flip through the book looking for random pages - look up the topic on your index and know to flip to book 3 page 57.
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    42% means one thing only: you just don't understand the material. That "practice paper" will not do anything for you. Go back, read the material, do labs, and work really learn this stuff. Anything else is a shortcut and you are setting yourself up for failure.
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    What's a practice paper anyway? Practice test? If you only scored 42% on the exam, what were your practice tests like? They should have indicted you were no where near ready.
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    42% - damn that is awful. I'm curious about your current work experience and how much study time you put in before making that attempt. Is it safe to assume that you didn't take the SANS course and only came across a practice exam? Did you prepare an index?

    I would wish you luck, but I don't think you can go from 42% to passing by just luck alone. You need to put in some serious study time. Try harder and you will be successful (hopefully).
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    That test requires you to be super experienced or have a great index. I'm guessing English is not your native tongue so the language barrier is probably pretty tough to overcome. At this point another practice test isn't going to help you. Studying and doing the Labs over and over again will.
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