ecret Keylogger found in HP notebooks

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From HP:
HP announced this weekend that close to 475 notebook models (dating as far back as 2012) were shipped out with a secret keylogger installed in the Synaptics Touchpad driver. The keylogger is deactivated by default, but HP has issued driver updates for the affected notebooks. Michael Myng, aka ZwClose, found the keylogger while performing an investigation on the laptop keyboard backlight.

The following links share more information about the keylogger and lists the affected models along with their driver updates.

HP Support Communication – Security Bulletin:
ZwClose’s write-up on the keylogger:
CSO Online:


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    I always reimage all my computers with vanilla Windows and only install drivers that Windows doesn't come with. Not a fool-proof bet (and not sure if it would even apply in this instance), but I haven't trusted OEM builds since I started buying them with tons of useless crud they get paid to put on....
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