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Good Afternoon All,

SO I am a total beginner to SQL,
If I was to learn SQL Server via the Microsoft route does that teach you the Programming Side of SQL at all?



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    Well to start with if you go down the Database route you'll learn all the fundamentals about Databases. Then with that knowledge you can start going onto the MCSA; Here you'll learn how to query, administer and finally starting to get more specialised like data warehousing.

    After that you'll start to pick a profession within the MCSE qualification route:


    You really do have a vast choice but programming is near the end, learn a solid foundation and you'll do fine
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    Based on my experience, I think that YES.

    For me - before I started to learn SQL Server - it was important to learn the basics of relational databases (for example: what is a table, what is a relation).
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