MTA: Software Development Fundamentals - Question for people who have done it

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Hey all,

I'm currently doing the Security+, however, what I really want to do, is get into programming/development. I've been spending the last 7 weeks messing around with Swift for iOS apps. I love it. The problem is, I've got to a point where I think: if I continue, Swift is only good for developing on Apple products. I want "freedom" to develop everywhere.

So I'm considering starting at basics again. I'm 28 - very late to the coding game I know. I never liked it until recently. So my question is: is the course worthwhile? I would like to learn html5, css (both are fairly easy I know), then php, javascript, jquery etc. Will this course put me on the right path?

And then, if I complete this course. Where next? Where does this lead?


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    I did the MTA database, MTA software and MTA web dev. They were outstanding introductory courses. If you get them, you probably won't get a job based on them but it's a lot better than nothing.
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    Thanks that sounds positive. I think I'm going to invest some time into it. It's a shame there aren't more courses like this one, especially ones that cover Swift etc I mean official courses, unlike those on Lynda or Udemy etc
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