Passed my Security + Exam today!!

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Just wanted to say thank you guys so much for providing this forum, where we can get all the information that we need. You guys have information here that helped me a lot. I really appreciate it. I passed today with a 789. Studied Darrel Gibson's book and his study material, but it was not easy. It is the little things that can get you. Just knowing for example what a vpn is or what it does is not enough. You need to know how to implement it and troubleshoot it to be able to answer questions on the exam. That goes for all technology that is introduced in this book. Again, I greatly appreciate the effort you guys put into helping those who are in need and I thank you. Now the only problem I have is that I dont know what test to take or what path I want to take in security. Can any of you possibly provide me with some insight or links that I can go to that can provide me with paths that security has to offer, so maybe I can start working in a direction? =)


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    congratulations on passing your security + !!!!!!
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    Congrats!!! What is next on your certification roadmap?

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    Congratulations!! All the best :D
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    Congrats man I'll be taking mine soon.
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    Congratulations! I want to ask. Did you see alot of RISK management questions? And do you think they expect you to know everything about RISK?
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
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    Did you take the new exam (501)? If so, have you taken the old exam before and was it really different?
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