Should I go for Network+ N10-006 or wait for N10-007?

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As we all know Network+ N10-007 coming out March 2018 so should I study for that instead? I don't think there would be that much difference. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.


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    I tend to be risk averse -- if you can be ready to take the -006 before it is retired, I would do that. You'll benefit from a few years of people writing study materials and sharing their exam experiences. If you take the -007 immediately after it is introduced, you'll have CompTIA's list of topics, the hope that it's not too dissimilar to the -006, and nothing else to go on.
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    Take 006, loads of good study material and makes no difference which one you have, if you pass you are N+ certified.
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    I agree with others here and normally give the same answer when I see questions like this. Most employers will see that you have done the Network+ exam on your CV/resume, they're not going to care which version you did as there is little difference between each version. Doing the 006 means you have more study material to use and more likely to pass. There is more benefit to doing the 006 over the 007, so I would recommend that.
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    Honestly for the cost of N+, you might as well shoot for the CCNA. Taking the two exam ICND approach makes it digestible and you'll learn the N+ material and then some along the way.
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