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Unfortunately, I did not pass the exam today, according to the result on the screen, but I will receive the final confirmation from ISACA for up to 10 days by e-mail. Today I would like to confirm that it was the most difficult exam in my life. Questions and answers are different from those I know from around 2,500 questions. There are scenarios arranged in such a way that you have only one correct answer. There are no answers type A and C. The most questions are the auditor's decision-making. Such knowledge is not described in the book. You must have a great deal of experience with the auditing projects you have carried out. I believe that people without experience in conducting audits do not have the chance to pass the exam. I also think that you need to know English very well, a lot of new words have appeared that I did not know before. Really, the book will not help us, because on the exam more than half of the questions are scenarios with answers that are not in the book or in databases available somewhere on the internet. So how to prepare for the exam? First you must know English very fluently, I was speaking in English. Should either questions to the scenarios is not always consistent with the right answer to the question we see on the screen.
In conclusion, I confirm the previous statement of other participants of the December 2017 exam that the questions on the exam are not the same as those that are available on the internet. If someone would like to cheer me up, he can write to me on a private email: marina (dot) mokotow (at) gmail (dot) com. I wish you all luck. Remember, there is not the same question or the same answer, so do not waste your time. Learning something by heart will not help you pass the exam.


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    Hi marina (czarul),
    I see that you are sad with this result. But you should not be discouraged and should come back fighting. You are right - you can not just remember the answers to the practice questions to pass but it is very possible to learn why answers are correct and incorrect from the practice exams and enough so to pass.
    I encourage you to start over with the database and study the wrong answers as much as the right answers. Learn why answers are wrong as well as why right answers are right. You will begin to develop a better understanding of the themes and it will all start to make sense.

    All of the information is there if you choose to use and digest it.

    This isn't quantum mechanics, it all makes sense once you get your mind in tune with the themes of IT auditing science.

    I am sure you have already invested a lot of time and money in this. Make one more investment in YOU . I know you can do it!
    It will cost another exam fee and possibly the cost of the database if you don't have it already but it can be well worth it. I was recently on the job market and the difference between a CISA certified auditor and non-certified can be tens of thousands of dollars.

    You really should already have auditing experience before taking this exam. And actually - you wont get certified if you don't have the experience anyway, so that's another thing to consider.

    But I truly believe that any one can pass this exam if they study the right way.

    Good luck! You can do this if you focus on the right things!
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    I'm sorry that you failed the exam I do agree with ay092017 that you should not feel bad about it. It's just an exam and you need to come back stronger. I totally see your point about English language, it's also not my first language and I did find many words that I didn't understand in the exam which is something ISACA maybe can fix, I know that they do offer the exam in several languages (although mine is not one of them).

    Just studying the material won't be enough without good knowledge and actual experience on the domains If you dont have this knowledge I would wait before trying to pass the exam again. If you do then my advise is to study harder and do the exam ASAP since the info is already in your head.

    You will receive the official results soon and it will tell you how you did overall.

    Good Luck
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    Hay guys,

    I have been using The Online QAE database from ISACA I did 158 hours worth of study. I made an average of 83%-90% of the questions right in the last 35 trials. I had my CISM exam just Today. the result was "Not Passed"

    The questions I had in the exam Only 25% similar to Online QAE database But NOT the same.

    Did anybody tried haired about "Real Exam ****"?
    not sure what guarantees they offer!!!
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