CSR1000v ccie lab OSPF EXSTART stuck state all OSFP neighbors

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Hi guys/gals,

I am running a ESXI CSR lab. I have ospf setup on the routers and all 4 of the routers keep showing
EXSTART ...do any of you know that the new IOS 16.0 has limits transmitting OSPF?

Dec 20 23:49:31.731: %OSPF-5-ADJCHG: Process 1, Nbr on GigabitEthernet2.200 from EXSTART to DOWN, Neighbor Down: Too many retransmissions

I have no clue. I checked MTU on all Interfaces and and esxi switch and all 1500? I have no clue wha is wrong
help anyone?
thank you


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    What does your virtual NIC configuration look like for that interface (In ESXi)? That may be your problem.
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    How is the vSwitch/vDS or CSR setup for vnic interfaces. By default a vmware switch will only forward traffic to the mac address assigned to the vnic in your vm settings. If there is a different mac or you are bridging through/to your vm to a mac address that is not assigned to a vnic then the traffic will not be forwarded.

    To verify you can modify your vswitch and port group settings to set the security mode to promiscuous so any traffic in the same broadcast will get to the port.

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