Passed VCP 6

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Merry Christmas fellow geeks,

Managed to pass 2V0-621 yesterday, and as I already passed 2v0-620 a month or so ago and did the required
training course I am now a VCP!

Did a Citrix exam in March and then been studying for this since,

Being careful not to break the NDA, I would say a lot of the more expensive features are tested on, SIOC, NIOC, vDS, DRS, SRDS, FT,

CBT nuggets have a course on 6.5 with labs, this was invaluable and although expensive helped me a lot,

I also built it out using a nested setup on an HP G7

It was only afterwards, while looking for info on vCloud Director and NSX that I seen the HOL labs, they look good

Anyway, if you have questions fire away,

I'm off to get drunk!

Happy New Year


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