Passed My CRISC Exam 12/22/2017

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Hi Team,

I want to first of all, give thanks to God Almighty and then extend my thanks to these wonderful, priceless, selfless, thoughtful community of great minds, courteous, caring and wonderful folks like you all. Thank you for sharing your stories, even when the experience and outcome is not what was expected and expected from the Exams.

Today, I can boldly say I knocked out my CRISC Exam and it wasn't that difficult as most people make it seem. To be honest, 65% of the Questions where Database reworded in a very tricky manner, while the other 35% is from the CRISC Tasks and Review Manual Content. Number one advice, is to eliminate fear, research your propose exam center before you book. The exam center I wrote my Exam was so quiet, I was the only one inside. They offered me drinks, snacks and cold water.

I didn't know cold water could calm nerves that much :), I flagged about 46 questions and answers that I thought might be correct but chosen to review later. So after the 150 questions was marked complete, I went to use the bathroom, came back and started reviewing the Marked/Flagged questions to make some changes, took my time to really read it over and over again to understand what the credited response should be and made a choice to edit/choose a new answer or leave it unchanged.

At the end, I got the Preliminary PASSED CRISC Exam message displayed on the screen. I am grateful and it was my 2nd ISACA Exam, didn't make the CISM passed in November, but siting it again in Feb, then CGEIT afterwards. If you plan to sit for the CRISC Exam, you should ensure to buy the Physical CRISC book and try studying the entire content in 1 week after you have completely gone through the Database questions.

I used.

1. - CISM Risk Domain - 1hr 20mins total estimate.
2. - CASP Risk Domains/Modules - About 6hrs study time.
3. - CISSP Module 1 to 3 covers Risk Mgt - About 7hours estimated total.
4. - CRISC Course All Domains - About 5hrs 30mins estimated total hr.
5. - Risk Course - - About 6hrs of video study time.
6. CRISC Question and Answer Database - 12 Months Subscription / $185 us dollars for Members.
7. CRISC Review Manual - Hardcopy and e-copy at a discount price for $135.00 dollars.
8. I used CISM Q&A Risk Management Domain for practice too.
9. You don't need any COBIT 5 Risk or whatever.
10. TechExams real exam testimony and encouragement from the fellow team members.
11. EXAM Registration / Purchased. I used the coupon CRISC75 to get 75 dollars off as a member and paid only $500 box.

You are pretty much good in Passing any ISACA Exams within 30 days of intense studies. I make sure to put in 4 Hours after work, sometimes 6 Hours after work and even while at work, I would listen to the Videos on Cybrary on my Noise Cancelling Headset I got from Micro center store in my area. I am sure Amazon and eBay has some of those. That way, the loud colleagues don't interrupt my study/working time. Just listening to the audio from the videos while you work, would solidly build the content into your mind.

If you failed CRISC or any ISACA Exams, please don't give up. All you need is just to re-strategies and discover how you learn and absorb knowledge, don't cut corner. Purchasing ISACA Exam study resource is a must. Thank you everybody, I will still be lurking around and contributing as see fit. I'm humbled, grateful for all your contributions and aided and guided my path to attain this.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in ================>>>>>> 2018........


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