Passed CISM with the help of this forum!!!

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All, I'm always skeptical when it comes to receiving information from sources I don't either know personally or recognize however I took the advice of a few post from this forum and passed the CISM cert with flying colors. As a person who aspires to be in senior management, it was imperative for me to show progression through my certs albeit having a MBA just wasn't enough in most cases. I buckled down and purchased the ISACA QAE database for $200 (ouch!!!) but it was the best investment I could have ever made. That coupled with the great Kelly Handerhan* on Cybrary, I was able to pass on the first try with no sweat. The questions are concise and ISACA doesn't throw many curve balls. Under 8570, its IAM III which has proven to be a win win win for me having been certified for only a few weeks with multiple job offers. So in short, for newcomers to this forum, take heed to the advice because its invaluable and thanks to everyone for the assistance as I continue my journey to either lottery winner or CISO which ever comes first : ) Oh and Happy Holidays!!!


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    This post made me happy. Congrats!
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    Congratulations! Do you know which posts/threads that helped you passed the exam? I'm planning to write the exam in 2 months or so, any tips would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Happy Holidays and congratulations
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    It was roughly two months ago when the post was made but it pretty much stated that I should go with the ISACA QAE database and use Cybrary or at the time FedVTE to build the foundation on the concepts. That same post also stated that I should pursue the CISA since there are many overlapping concepts within the domains especially in the governance and risk management areas. So that's my plan for the next testing window is to obtain the CISA. Hope this helps!!!
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    Congratulations! icon_cheers.gif
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    If you passed CISSP in the past, the QAE Database, the review manual book (which is actually old, 2015 version for me because I don't want to buy anymore, so I used an old book from my colleague) and Cybrary should be enough you to pass the test. Make sure that you understand the concept, why was that the right answer instead of what you think should be. Practice the QAE every day, start from 10 questions then moved to 100 after a few days. Over-all I still think CISSP review process is still the most challenging, its where all my grey hair grew but its all worth it. During my free time, I still listen to Shon Harris audio :). Good luck to all who are taking! I passed mine last December 21 and I just got a confirmation yesterday about it.
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    I hope I don't grow too much grey hair as I prepare for the exam. icon_bounce.gif Does the Shon Harris audio come with the book?
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    DZA_ wrote: »
    Do you know which posts/threads that helped you passed the exam? I'm planning to write the exam in 2 months or so, any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

    I'm pretty sure mine was the most helpful lol.

    I gave a brief write-up on the QAE database that helped answer some questions other members raised. Search for ISACA CISM QAE database in detail.
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    @ E Double U - Thanks for the tip, I've managed to find it under your started posts. I'm pretty eager to write it since I've passed the CISSP exam recently. There's a ton of overlap and I've think I can clear it it under a couple weeks at the latest by mid February. I'm managing to watch the Cybrary videos/QAE database/ and reading the manual frequently during work hours since the holidays is down time for the organization.

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