Passed N10-006! :)

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Hello all,

Just wanted to post this from a post I made on reddit regarding this exam.

Feels so good to have passed! double-win especially going into the holiday season.

Firstly - a mini-bio for scope: not in the tech field at the moment, no degree in it but did graduate in electronics engineering technology and worked in that field for 3 years before changing career paths 6 years ago. Have been building computers and home networks since I was 10 and would consider myself a junior software developer more recently getting into web development and game design on the side. Am a huge nerd and learner. Went for this cert as I want to re-spec my current class into into an infosec career path and passed on my first attempt :)
Here we go...!

What I like about N10-006...
As others have mentioned that isn't explicit in the objectives and some study material. This is a holistic certification. If you're the memorizing type, I think you'll have trouble passing this and will probably hit a 50-60% of a mark if you're lucky on the question generation. If you're the 'tell me why and how' person, you should be more than fine (more than fine for most things in life really :) ). It really is a good baseline to demonstrate that you understand 'electronic/electrical networking'. I don't think you need to be in the field to pass it at all, but you do need to understand the material to a point that if needed - you could grab a regular citizen off the street and teach them how an electronic network works to the point that they could then teach the gist of it to someone else.

Oh, and yes, you'll feel like you're failing the entire time. There's a reason for that. Read the conditions before you start the exam for a hint why. :)

What I don't like about this exam...
This exam is arguably far too broad to be a single certification in my opinion and is better suited to be split into two if anything to be part 1 - how it works and what is needed and part 2 - troubleshooting and scenarios. Or just skim off some of the areas that could be 'reference' based as needed. :)

How I think study materials should be...
A big huge diagram of a network that every objective can relate into. CBT Nuggets does this almost to the degree that it should be.

My Recommendations After Looking Back With 20/20 Hindsight...
1. Buy a book on it, any book, doesn't matter, so long as it's thorough. Maybe choose an author that has the style you like. I kind of enjoyed Meyers in spite of it being a bit drawn out at times. It felt narrative enough. The book should be a 'story' to read to understand the world you are getting yourself into; no more, no less.
2. Choose a video learning course for enforce some visual learning and hearing voices speak about the context for perspective and anecdotes; either CBT Nuggets or Professor Messer to build the world further I suggest.
3. Practice Exam yourself to hell and back with troubleshooting questions from all areas (not JUST the troubleshooting section :) ). These questions should be the bulk of your exam studies to understand what's actually going on here. Seriously, nothing teaches you better than figuring out the answer to "What went wrong here Jimmy?". You'll know your port numbers and protocols well if you know why a technician can't verify that SNMPv3 isn't working :). Make sense?
4. As you go, write down on a piece of paper every item that just doesn't stick. Every week, see if you can reduce the list until it's a few minor points that are negligible.
5. Recall. Prove to someone else you can recall the information. Give that person the answers and objectives and then explain it to them. They should be able to reference the answers and say whether you were right or wrong. Let that person give you a report card after of items you need to study again until the next session.
6. Now you're ready, grasshopper.

~~~~ My Path to Passing~~~~
Study Length and Exam Appointment: approx 70 hours over 1.5 months with a full-time 50-60 hour week job. Set exam appointment when I was at hour 60 for the following week.

Book (weeks 1-2)
Mike Meyers N10-006 all-in-one guide read once

Test Setup (week 3-end)
Meyers CD
Pocket Prep+ app
Darril Gibson app

Testing Structure (week 3-end)
Use mini exams upon waking, before going to bed, use Meyers CD 2x per week doing every question. Write out areas I don't understand even if the questions are familiar or repeat and focus on these.

Visual Learn & Refine (week 5-end)
Watched entire CBT nugget course + IPv4 + IPv6 at 1.6x speed. Write out areas I don't understand and focus on these.

Recall (week 5-end)
Printed out exam objectives and grabbed Professor Messer's **** sheets - Gave the objectives and **** sheet to the misses and had her go over each line asking me "Explain what item a does or what this is". I very much felt more encouraged to get the answers right and prove there was a point to me being almost absent in life while studying and working :)

Hope that helps!!

Please feel free to ask any questions. I won't give any answers to the exam content however! :)


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    That's a lot of hard work!!! Congrats!!! I'm planning on getting Network+ Certified as well hopefully before March 2018 as that's when the 007 will be released.
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